Qing Gu | 顧晴

I'm a programmer looking for a position in the game industry. I have passions in game programming and love to deliver immersive and exciting experience to users. I have knowledge in many aspects of game design. I'm familiar with modern rendering pipeline with OpenGL core profile. General GPU programming and optimization with CUDA and Compute Shader. I also have background in fluid and rigid dynamics. In addition, I have done projects involves Motion capture and machine learning. I also have knowledge in 3D reconstruction which can bring high-quality 3D objects into games. Most importantly, I want to use my skill to enrich the experience of your games and eager to learn the new technologies.


Melting bunny

Melting bunny is a real-time multi-phase fluid dynamics simulator implemented with CUDA and OpenGL. This system has a wide application and recently been used in my Master's thesis of welding simulation

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Leap Motion Puppet

A Skinned puppet controlled by Leap Motion.

3D Face tracker

A 3D stereo camera experiment with Leap Motion raw images


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Qing, G. (2016). GPU Based Real-time Welding Simulation with Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (Master's thesis, Concordia University).

Gu, Q., Herakleous, K., & Poullis, C. (2014). 3DUNDERWORLD-SLS: An Open-Source Structured-Light Scanning System for Rapid Geometry Acquisition. arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.6595.